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One Week In and Little to Show for It

I’ve been back in Berlin now for one week.

I was lucky enough to get to work through my jet lag with two of the best people in the world, Mic and Nick. I was disappointed to not see them in the States, but was super stoked to see them in Berlin. They bought themselves a bit of land and are planning on building a house soon. I’ve always imagined doing something like that in my life, but not in my current state of single-dom. I digress.

I didn’t get really anything done this week outside of work. In addition to fighting off jet lag, being surrounded by half sick people all week and out of commission since Friday, all I really managed to do is get myself unsick enough in order to make my doctor’s appointment on Monday.

I’m cranky, tired and hungry and have pretty much nothing to show for being back for a week. I’m taking to making lists again and will hopefully have some results for the week to come.

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