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Law & Order doesn't pause itself

I’ve had a Lot of problems concentrating the last few days. It’s hard to wait to hear decisions that may result in really changing my life. All I do know, and hope, is that I am still in the running. And I’ve tried not to focus too much on it, but getting the green light would make me so unbelievable happy. Hell, I’m already feeling so honored that I’m even being considered.

But all of this waiting has been detrimental to my work flow. Not too many days ago, I watched so many episodes of Law & Order trying to locate the 1st episode with a crossover of the actors from the show Homicide. Instead I should’ve been reading one of the 50 Kilos of books I’ve collected as part of my research.

Being idle is dangerous enough, but feeling like your life is on pause is even worse. It’s really hard moving forward on everything else with something potentially life changing hanging in the balance.

I’ve changed my set up and started spring cleaning this weekend. Maybe an adjustment in my environment will lead to a better work flow. Oh, and a limitation on time spent online wouldn’t hurt either. I think the Detective Munch would agree.

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