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Getting over Defeat and rallying the Troop of one

I’ve been feeling a bit defeated lately. It also hasn’t helped that at home, my life has felt a bit that it’s been in shambles. I’ve been ill for I don’t know how long and I feel invisible and stretched way too thin.

This whole weekend I’ve been trying to rally. I’m not really sure if I’ve been successful at all but I’m hoping to start the week with a bit of energy. I did get some things done on my list and I did myself a big favor by fixing up my computer so now I feel like I have a shot at getting the harder and more time intensive things done.

Now that I can finally answer emails and work on things at home on something other than a smartphone, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the coming week. Maybe I will actual tackle the website updates and answer all the correspondence I’ve been avoiding. Thanksgiving is coming up so it’d be great to have something to be happy about on Thursday.

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